Some Spiders Jump!

written & illustrated by Jeff Lopez

Available Now only $21.99

Category:  Children's Educational Picture Book

Suggested Reading Level:  Pre-K through 3rd Grade

Size:  6×9 in, 15×23 cm / 24 pages / Hardcover with Dust Jacket

Publish Date:  Dec 06, 2017

Language:  English

ISBN:  9781389198656

Few things frighten us quite like spiders.  Mysterious, crawly critters with eight tiny eyes & eight long legs that make us jump!  But what are we afraid of?  We have shared a home with spiders through all of human history!  Spiders live on six of the seven continents & they thrive in almost every habitat.  There are more than 35,000 types of spiders in the world today.  And none of them eat people!  But did you know that many of them do eat mosquitos?  Colorful, entertaining & informative, Some Spiders Jump! by Jeff Lopez inspires young readers to appreciate diversity & to find commonality with even our strangest of neighbors.  

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